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Gray Contracting offers a unique combination of construction skills that allow us to diagnose, repair and solve water intrusion problems on your property. We have completed specialized, complex diagnostics and waterproofing projects on thousands of homes, multi-family and high-rise projects. 

Water intrusion is one of the leading causes of structural damage and mold in buildings. If you would like us to find and fix your leak please contact the office to schedule an appointment with our waterproofing specialists. 

What is the water test procedure?

  1. Inspect job site to determine source of the water intrusion
  2. Several technicians may be sent to the job site with the proper equipment and radios to ensure effective communication
  3. Areas isolated to pinpoint water entry location 
  4. Test areas determined depending on the location of the leak
  5. After leak is found, we will discuss repair and waterproofing solutions

High-rise Exterior Waterproof Project Example