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Gray Contracting's unique combination of skills allows us to water test, diagnose and repair even the most complex water intrusion problems. We've completed specialized diagnostics and waterproofing projects on thousands of homes, multi-family and high-rise projects. 

Why use Gray Contracting for your leak detection and waterproofing needs:

  1. We find your leak and identify repair solutions
  2. We provide the best waterproofing solutions for virtually all applications
  3. We explore all possible areas to find any and all leaks
  4. We utilize the latest technology to detect concealed leaks
  5. Only the highest quality products will be used for repairs
  6. Our water test process saves money by fixing the problem the first time
  7. Our warranty covers the leak and not just the area repaired 

What is the water test procedure?

  1. Inspect job site to determine all possible areas of water intrusion
  2. Our team uses infrared cameras and moisture meters while we water test to determine exact entry points
  3. After leak is found, we will discuss waterproofing and repair solutions

High-rise Leak Detection and Waterproofing - Arizona Lofts in Candler Park

Mid-rise Leak Detection and Repair Project Example - Art Foundry Condos at Atlantic Station

Condo Exterior Leak Detection and Repair Project Example - Summit Condos in Sandy Springs

Residential Interior Leak Detection and Full Renovation Project Example

Commercial Exterior Leak Detection and Repair Project Example - St. James at Buckhead